Social Engineering Toolkit (SET)

According to Offensive Security, SET is:

“The Social-Engineer Toolkit is an open-source penetration testing framework designed for Social-Engineering. SET has a number of custom attack vectors that allow you to make a believable attack in a fraction of the time.”

Taken from this site.

These are the steps I took after some Google-fu:

set> 2 Fast-Track Penetration Testing

set> 3 Credential Harvester Attack Methodset>

2 Site Cloner

From there I input my IP and then input the target to be cloned.  Which is what led to what I’ve been talking about below.

I decided that this would be the first thing that I test within the Kali OS, since I’ve gone “native” and installed it as my production OS.  I got it running, and got it setup to clone Facebook – which was awesome.  I decided to test it using the two accounts that I have access to, and sure enough it did return everything that I thought it would – which is email and password.  Now if I could get it up and running on a server, so that I could harvest login information for a few sites – that would be spectacular.  However, I’ve come to learn that there can’t be any outside access to the cloned website – if I was to give the short link to somebody, they’re unable to use it.  I gave it to two friends of mine and said that it was some code that I was testing.  Both of them returned to me with errors, which I think were 404’s on both of them.

I guess this means that doesn’t allow outside connections; which unless I’m having a brain fart of epic proportions, SHOULD allow outside connections – I mean it’s the front door to your physical box.  So why wouldn’t a tool like SET allow you to give that IP to a target, so that you can get their information.  To be honest, I’m probably going to just Google the hell out of this and see what happens, because worst case scenario you DO need a dedicated server.  Best case scenario, I’m just an idiot trying to do things that are above my head – which is the best way to learn right?

I just read another link that said it doesn’t matter where in the world the victim is located, as long as they can access the web, they’re able to be attacked by your malicious link – as long as you leave the terminal with SET running inside it – that’s how you harvest the information that you’re even going after.  So what could I be doing wrong if I’m not able to have someone from the outside go through the link?

Everything in the block quote is what I did to get SET running.  Now I play the waiting game and see what happens.

Select from the menu:

1) Spear-Phishing Attack Vectors
2) Website Attack Vectors
3) Infectious Media Generator
4) Create a Payload and Listener
5) Mass Mailer Attack
6) Arduino-Based Attack Vector
7) Wireless Access Point Attack Vector
8) QRCode Generator Attack Vector
9) Powershell Attack Vectors
10) SMS Spoofing Attack Vector
11) Third Party Modules

99) Return back to the main menu.

set> 2

The Web Attack module is a unique way of utilizing multiple web-based attacks in order to compromise the intended victim.

The Java Applet Attack method will spoof a Java Certificate and deliver a metasploit based payload. Uses a customized java applet created by Thomas Werth to deliver the payload.

The Metasploit Browser Exploit method will utilize select Metasploit browser exploits through an iframe and deliver a Metasploit payload.

The Credential Harvester method will utilize web cloning of a web- site that has a username and password field and harvest all the information posted to the website.

The TabNabbing method will wait for a user to move to a different tab, then refresh the page to something different.

The Web-Jacking Attack method was introduced by white_sheep, emgent. This method utilizes iframe replacements to make the highlighted URL link to appear legitimate however when clicked a window pops up then is replaced with the malicious link. You can edit the link replacement settings in the set_config if its too slow/fast.

The Multi-Attack method will add a combination of attacks through the web attack menu. For example you can utilize the Java Applet, Metasploit Browser, Credential Harvester/Tabnabbing all at once to see which is successful.

The HTA Attack method will allow you to clone a site and perform powershell injection through HTA files which can be used for Windows-based powershell exploitation through the browser.

1) Java Applet Attack Method
2) Metasploit Browser Exploit Method
3) Credential Harvester Attack Method
4) Tabnabbing Attack Method
5) Web Jacking Attack Method
6) Multi-Attack Web Method
7) Full Screen Attack Method
8) HTA Attack Method

99) Return to Main Menu


The first method will allow SET to import a list of pre-defined web
applications that it can utilize within the attack.

The second method will completely clone a website of your choosing
and allow you to utilize the attack vectors within the completely
same web application you were attempting to clone.

The third method allows you to import your own website, note that you
should only have an index.html when using the import website

1) Web Templates
2) Site Cloner
3) Custom Import

99) Return to Webattack Menu

[-] Credential harvester will allow you to utilize the clone capabilities within SET
[-] to harvest credentials or parameters from a website as well as place them into a report
[-] This option is used for what IP the server will POST to.
[-] If you’re using an external IP, use your external IP for this
set:webattack> IP address for the POST back in Harvester/Tabnabbing []:
[-] SET supports both HTTP and HTTPS
[-] Example:
set:webattack> Enter the url to

[*] Cloning the website:
[*] This could take a little bit…

By Jory McDaniel

Conservative Libertarian

Conservatism is a political and social philosophy that promotes retaining traditional social institutions in the context of culture and civilization.

Libertarians seek to maximize political freedom and autonomy, emphasizing freedom of choice, voluntary association, individual judgment and self-ownership.


I fall right about where that black dot is.  Most SJWs and “Anti-fa” are about here – where the red dot is.


I say this because if you stop to look at what they’re always screeching about, you see that they believe that their way is the only way and there is no other way.  Everything else is literally “fascism” and must be stopped at all costs, no matter the cost to everything and anything else around them.  Just like authoritarians, they believe that if you’re wrong, you must be silenced, no matter.  Which is what’s led to groups like BAMN and so on.

By Jory McDaniel

Four Year Absence

I’ve done some drugs, I’ve dabbled in the hood life, I’ve dabbled in various electronics and ultimately tried to become a better person than I was when I was younger.  I’ve partied, slept around, lived “celibate”, I’ve done a bit of everything since I finally got out on my own – even that entailed moving back in with family after it was all said and done.  The point is that things are coming along a lot BETTER than I originally thought.  I was such a pessimist in those days – probably more of a nihilist than anything, but I suppose I’m still just as nihilistic as I was in those days.

I started ECPI last year year – more correctly, about 15 months ago, and I’ve got about three months left in my first round with them – 90 days!  Can you believe it?  In 90 days, I’m going to have my Assoc Degree!  Something that I never thought was going to happen, is finally going to happen!  It’s going to be a short but intense road, and then it’s back for 2.5 more years for a Bachelor’s Degree – after that, it’s onward and upwards into the job field as a system admin – which is all I think I’ll be able to do with a network security degree.

EDIT: Removed outdated information.

By Jory McDaniel

[Migrated From Another Site]

I’m Snorlax.  I’m a twenty-something on the verge of getting his Associate’s Degree and I’ve been a long time user of Linux.  I don’t say this to…  Make myself seem like a badass or anything, but I’m just putting out there since the majority of this blog is going to be about Linux and my adventures through various distributions.  Which means, since I can’t get to the first site this post was originally on, I’m going to have to reload the screencaps of the distributions I’ve used in the past.  Or (more correctly) tinkered with.


Slideshow of the distros has been added.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

By Jory McDaniel

I’m Back…

I had forgotten that this place, Annihilation Bay, was a thing.  I’m glad that the first thing I tried was my usual password – at least before it evolved into the convoluted mess that it is.  I see that the last entry was dated for about 4 years ago, around the time that I started at McDonalds – which means that this in fact the same blog that I started right before I left Pennsylvania – funny how that comes up a lot in my internet-based writings…  There’s a lot of stuff to catch up on in the last few years…  So where do I begin?  I guess that’s the real question, I’m sure we’ll find out as time goes on, and I post more and more here.

Devil's Rejects

By Jory McDaniel


I found a dusty old book in my basement etched with unreadable markings.  Jagged, sharp, and terse these markings looked like they were scratched into the book’s black leather cover by a heavy claw or talon.  The ever hungry reader in me wanted to check this book out, but some inner part of me says to destroy this tome but eventually my curiosity got the best of me.  I sat down earlier tonight and started reading it, I took a break to start writing what you’re reading right now.  I’ve been reading this book for what seems like ever, it’s just going on and on.  Chapter after chapter setting the stage, introducing all of the characters, and getting the ball rolling on the inevitable climax and aftermath. 

I was only three or four chapters in but I could tell something seemed off about this book, it was as if I lived the events of the story and was currently reading into my own future or possible future, kind of unnerving to be honest.  I mean at only three or four chapters in it only covers from 1990 until 93-94 but this is like a narrative on my life written by some outsider who was keeping detailed records on me. 

I decided to skip ahead at random, each year was pretty accurate to how I lived it.  There weren’t any discrepancies until I came to 31 December 2013, the book details my death under unknown circumstances which had the potential to turn into an unsolved mystery.  The reason being is that I was found mutilated and ravaged, as if some kind of beast had attacked me.  According to the final paragraph if I didn’t die, then I should immediately follow the instructions found in the last six chapters of the book.  I flipped the page over to the opening paragraph of that last chapter. 

The first chapter dealt with explaining what wrote the book and

By Jory McDaniel


so i just realized it’s been six-ish years since i met my penpal while she was living in Pa and i was right across the border in wv… and we dated for like six months before she moved back to Canada. stayed (and even now) great friends, having the excellent chance to hang out in pittsburgh in 2012 shortly before my year long stay there ended. (i lived with her and her boyfriend of five years for about two weeks). funny because i introduced them lol staying with them for the two weeks helped me not go fully thermal on my ex at the time thankfully about two months after that stint in 2012 i moved out of that situation i was in and here i am. writing this and trying to stay hydrated.

By Jory McDaniel

Emptying It All Out…

I’m tired of it all, I’m tired of being overwhelmed by my family for the things that I do or the things that I have going on in my life.  The most recent gem being that I’m nothing more than a screw up and that’s why my last serious relationship (1.5 years, to E.S.) ended the way it did – funny how she keeps coming up, but more on that later.  My stepdad was the one who ranted about this, and it never fails to get a rise out of me, because they said that they didn’t want to know anything about what happened while I was living in Pittsburgh.  It seems that they didn’t want to know because they just wanted to make up their own assumptions about why it ended.  It seems like they have no idea (and don’t want to have an idea) about what happened up there.  This got furthered (the notion that I’m a screw up) by him saying that because I couldn’t find work, I was being lazy.  I was looking and had been every night, five applications a night, for six months – with no results.  I’m still getting emails about those applications now that it’s been more than six months – just reaffirming that either I’m lazy or I’ve screwed everything up too badly to fix it. 

So for the last three times that I’ve worked with him, I’ve heard nothing but how much of a screw up I am. The thing is, I think I’m starting to believe him about it too. I’m beginning to seriously think that I am a screw up or maybe I’m just overwhelmed with all of this crap… I don’t know, I really don’t – I’m lost and I don’t have a direction to go with this… Chaotic whirlwind we’re all caught up in… The last time I worked with him was Sunday and all I heard was a litany about how much of a screw up I am. I spent the rest of the time he wasn’t carrying on contemplating going off on him after we got off and were headed back to my mom’s house (which is where I was staying while I was working with him). I mean it’s all been stacking up and culminating, one of these days I’m just going to explode – which will be bad business for everyone involved. Now you’re thinking that it’s going to be something illegal which I can assure you it’s not. It’s just going to be some epic ranting and probable arguments. I can’t deal with the constant stream of “Something something you’re a screw up…” (sic) it just begins to wear at my nerves, getting to the point where I start to believe it. I think this is called a conditioned response (?), the response where you hear something enough times and start to believe it. Maybe it could be called Stockholm Syndrome, but that just super dramatic and totally attention-seeking. I’m not sympathizing with my stepdad in any way, shape, or form when I’m told this, but you just have to think it over and realize that my self-esteem isn’t as high as you would think. I’m not that sarcastic bastard I like to profess that I am. I’m quite the opposite really, I’m just a scared, rather listless, young man with no purpose.

So here we are post Valentines’ Day and I have come to realize that I really don’t give a shit about it. It’s a highly commercialized “holiday” and even the basic notion is rooted in money. I’ve also come to realize that these people who complain about being single or “#foreveralone” more than usual on this particular day, should be thrown off a bridge into an abyss filled with all of the cold facts that they can’t grasp. It seems like people always want to complain about being single… Just stop. OK? Just stop with it, nobody wants to hear you complain about how sad you are that you don’t have a date, because you can’t grow a pair and approach her (or him). I’ll go one farther by saying that if you’re going to come to me with that, I’m going to say (as politely as I can) “Shut up, get out there and do something about it. Nobody wants to hear you complain.” There’s no legitimate reason to prevent you from approaching someone and asking them to have coffee with you (I know that sounds horribly cliché, but it works). I’d like to toss out a nod at a friend of mine, whose hung up on his abusive ex “Get the hell over her.” because she’s not good for you. “No, you know what? Don’t get over her, let it drown you. It’s probably for the best.

Regarding E.S. – that relationship ended when I caught her flirting with her one time boyfriend from her early high school days. Before you can run your mouth this was before I adopted my new, slightly less than reputable morals – which you’re going to frown at – I know. Anyway she was flirting with him for months and sleeping around at her school (Robert Morris University) all the way until the week I came up there – even lying to me on a few occasions about it. She went up to Acme PA (which is a real place, I had to Google it just to be sure) to see a friend of hers (not the guy), while she was there she ended up getting drunk and having sex with some dude named Conrad. Shortly after or immediately before she ended up breaking up with me – expecting me to stick around and have sex with her “as a friend” until I moved out. She even asked that I “stay friends” with her – which is obscene to the highest degree, it’s almost like staying friends with your kidnappers after they’ve gotten your ransom. She was beyond miffed when that finally sunk in, but yet she still wanted to have sex with me, even though I basically equated her to nothing. Oh well, who am I to complain free pussy? I mean sex is like pizza, even when it’s bad, it’s good. She couldn’t (or wouldn’t) suck me off – which is funny in retrospect, maybe that would have done her some good… I mean it’s probably the only skill she has, since she’s a failure at pretty much everything. How can I make a call like that? I was there for a year, more or less as an observer. Shut up and deal with it.

Fun fact: the chick I was talking to from OKCupid is named Emily, so is the crazy ex up in PA – and they both have epilepsy. It’s funny because I thought the universe was trying to give me a second chance to at least do right by someone else with this. Turns out that OKC Emily ended up going in another direction – I’m OK with this, and I’m not going to let it tear me up like it did (friend-zoning) a friend of hers. I stuck my head into the middle of that for a moment one time for a few nights and then walked away from it like it was nothing, not my problem, don’t give enough of a damn to do anything about it.


What happened to the cynical bastard full of blistering rants and firey diatribes? Did he finally get overcome by the same trivial tropes of everyday life? Did he finally give up speaking out of against those tropes? What happened to him? Nobody knows, least of all himself. He suspects that he’s still that cynical blistering bastard, but he hasn’t seen anything worth provoking him to action in a long time. Nothing that was worthy of the diatribes of an outspoken and opiniated young man has been seen in a long time. I don’t know what to think of the world anymore, maybe I’ve finally matured past the point of cynical young bastard and into the realm of being a mildy depressed young man with nothing to do with his life. I don’t know what’s gotten into me any more. I mean it’s not like there’s plenty of fodder for the ranting, but I don’t have it in me any more, nothing to say about all of the shitty tropes and obvious bullshit that I’ve seen.

I wish I knew about a fix for this, but sadly it seems like there might be nothing out there to help me. Yeah I know that’s almost a cliche these days, but for fucks’ sake I wish there was something out there to fire me up back into firing out blistering rants and blistering words. I guess there’s nothing, why do I even bother trying anymore? Maybe I should let the cynical writer in me go ahead and fade away into the grey oblivion of ashes and desolation where he finally belongs, it seems like I stared into The Abyss for too long and now I’m sitting here defeated and broken. I guess it’s true you know, what that one guy said about staring at The Abyss, you see yourself.

(On a semi-related note: it’s funny I got called pretentious for having an opinion on what that means “The longer you stare into The Abyss, it stares back at you.”)

I have come to realize that I’m tired of one night stands, the few chicks I’ve had sex with were basically one night stands and we were friends up until those nights – now those chicks don’t talk to me. It’s almost as if they just wanted to have sex and then ditch me once they scratched their itch, is it bad that I’m scared of intimacy and kind of put off by the concept of being around a woman only to have sex with her casually? Have I finally hit the point where I WANT a serious relationship? I mean I know my last serious relationship was with E.S. but here I am a year and some change later, looking at my track record and wondering what is going on here. Maybe it’s just my karma, for everything that went wrong to be sitting here examining my life – looking back at all the decisions that have led me here. Meaningless and without purpose – one could argue that I’m too hard on myself, but who isn’t extremely hard on themselves? I mean when you think about it, I’m just as broken as the next person I know. What did I do to deserve this? Was it something I did wrong somewhere? Was it someone I pissed off at the wrong time? Does the universe have something greater in mind for me? What’s the purpose of life, if you don’t truly LIVE TO YOUR POTENTIAL? I know I’m not, even though there are people out there who would argue that my impact on them has probably for the better.

I don’t know, I think it’s funny how this post became more of a probably overly dramatic ramble, than a coherent thought – isn’t that the only thing I do anymore? I can’t think of the last time I actually gave someone decent advice on how to deal with something. I mean the closest I’ve come is… No wait, that doesn’t even count – neither of the two situations that came to mind do. I was playing the devil’s advocate for no reason other than pure malice and it went sideways exactly at the right angle I wanted it to. The other, well was a snowball in a firestorm, ineffective and equally as unimportant.

It’s funny I claim to be good at giving other people a look at reality, such as it were, but yet I can’t do that for myself. Clearly I’m broken and nobody reads my Tumblr, so again, what’s the point of even posting this? Maybe I should post it to /r/offmychest and let them downvote me until I die – which is what happened the last time I posted something there.

I genuinely hate people as a whole, and I agree with one of the few people I’ve ever willingly met from a website – people deserve every iota of hate you can give them. I guess with so much hate pumping into the universe like that, it’s only fair that the spigots of that hate get whats coming to them. Maybe I should clam up and stop talking to people, like my sort of penpal in England did, he just shut the fuck up for three straight years and didn’t say a word to anybody. Maybe I should give that a whack and see where it leads me…

I think I’m finally done.

tl;dr no fuck you, read it. 

Idiot-Genius Signing Off

By Jory McDaniel

How To Undermine A Rape Victim 101

What the fuck did I just read? Maybe it’s the lack of sleep but this was… Well, all of my “What the fuck is dis?!” Reddit-esque knee jerk spit take.

The Belle Jar

Trigger warning for talk of rape 

Preface the victim’s open letter about the sexual abuse she suffered at the hands of her father with a statement saying that he deserves the presumption of innocence. Always approach situations like this with the thought that the victim might be lying; remind yourself and others that the burden of proof is on her.

Insist on referring to the victim as the rapist’s “adopted daughter,” as if that mitigates what he has done. Using subtle language cues like this, imply that though it might be rape, it’s not really incest because the the rapist is not the victim’s biological father. Pretend that adoptive parents somehow feel differently about their children than biological parents do.

Like the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences, insist on your ability to differentiate between an artist and their art. As a spokesperson for the organization said, “The…

View original post 868 more words

By Jory McDaniel

The English Language (Stop Fuckin’ Butchering It You Twats)

1) Don’t trust someone who uses a lot of slang or “ghetto talk”


YOLO (This is Carpe Diem for tweens and over sexed assholes)

“swag” (Allegedly started in the sixties to mean “Secretly We Are Gay” but now it’s a trend with a heavy pretentious vibe around it.  Noticeable by the snap back caps and skinny jeans.)

2) If you’re an American or any nationality with a good school system (that you at least passed from), for the love of your God/s act like you at least know how to spell. (I’m talking about purposefully spelling like you’re a tard because it makes you look cool.)


your =/= you’re (One is possessive, the other isn’t.)

dam =/= damn (One is an object to hold back a liquid, usually water and the other is a curse)

shyt =/= shit (I mean do I really need to explain?)

lyk =/= like

By Jory McDaniel

Thoughts On Cringe…

I’m going to be honest here, I’m only subscribed to /r/gonewild and all of its related sub-reddits for the sheer amount of cringe worthy comments in the posts all across the board.  I think it’s interesting to first glance at the album or picture and then spend a lot of time reading the contents because they are so cringe worthy.  What makes it even more interesting is that entire threads are downvoted, while the picture or album are upvoted beyond all belief.  This leads me to believe that the hotter a chick is, the more cringe worthy comments she’s going to get.  I think this is a common trend in /r/gonewild because the rest of the site’s user base (M to F ratio is something like 80:40 in favor of the guys) knows with out a doubt that an OP in /r/gonewild is a chick.  Somehow these guys think all of those women want to hear their cringe worthy remarks and/or see a picture of their dicks, probably all based on one chick who got off on that crap.  Anyway it’s routinely  surprising when I read some of the stuff posted in those threads and see that even the OP was downvoted regardless of what she may or may not have said in the post itself.  It seems like those guys just want to objectify the women and say cringe worthy things to them.  A good example of this cringe worthy post would read –


>Lost my boner when she started making those stupid faces in all her posts.


Of course the thread that this is from is the the top post of all time in /r/gonewild and it’s probably the most cringe worthy reply on that post. So what I’m getting at here is that I really don’t understand how on other sub-reddits this kind of thing is OK or not as heavily downvoted.

tl;dr the hivemind confuses me

* edit: this is going to be a running collection of cringe posts…

>My dick is dripping…. Its not dripping cum, its dripping cause I have gonorrhea, but if it wasn’t dripping puss it would probably be dripping something else… Probably urine because I have bladder damage from when I was 12 and held my pee in too long during gym class, the teacher was such a knob. He made us run laps for 30 minutes with no break. Speaking of breaks, I LOVE kitkat baas.

From this thread

* edit 01\19\20114: I’m going to start adding the standout cringe comments from every post I look at.

>Ive never heard of yoga shorts before, but youre a pioneer in new ways to produce heavy blood flow in the penis region. Im sure there are a bunch of wet pussys out there fantasizing about your sweet ass too

From this thread

> nice pretty pussy you hot slut. let me go down on you and I’ll make you cum and cum.

From this thread

> that shirt makes me want to assault you.

This and the one below are from the same post

> I love this album, my oh my have we missed you! !! We were all terrified that wed lose you forever. And now we get you everyday. Seriously amazing. The other GW girls must be so jealous. Youve gotten 3 out of the 4 top spots for the week! Thats impressive*

* This makes it because of how cheesy it is.

> My penis wants you to know, that whatever happens in life, you should always believe in yourself.keep reaching for the stars, never give up.Also.I got my first ever erection in life looking at your butt picture.

From this post but surely it’s a troll because this is just stupid

Side note: This is /r/gonewild in a nutshell.

> Gladly! I’m at work but bored out of my mind. I have a pretty wicked imagination…so pm if you want to chat or tell stories or…

from this thread, i agree though she has pretty eyes

> Let me tell you something, pendeja. You pull any of your crazy shit with me, you flash a piece out on the lanes, I’ll take it away from you, stick it up your ass and pull the fucking trigger ’til it goes “click.”

From this post

I know it was from a movie but still it’s worthy of some cringe.

By Jory McDaniel

A Thought…

So I learned today that if you make an observation about someone on MNFH after having them on /ignore you’re apparently bitching about them, which is funny because I was pointing out their circular logic about the topic of a discussion that was going on.  The circular logic is that if a girl thinks about whether or not a guy replying to their correspondence she’s automatically crazy, which is the same as thinking about him.  She’s automatically obsessing over him.  Isn’t that the stupidest thing you’ve ever heard?  To think I got warned about this, so apparently you can’t talk about stupid logic as it is called “sneak bitching”.  It seems like the MNFH channel is quickly turning into what Reddit would call a “DAE circle-jerk”.  It also seems like it’s going to be a matter of time before I get banned for making these honest observations, which is funny too. I mean it’s funny because you would think that people would take those kind of thoughts into consideration, especially when the person is a known creep on a couple of Reddit oriented channels. Of course nobody likes to point this out, so why should I even bother any more? I think I do it because it gives me something to do.

Idle Ranter Out!


By Jory McDaniel


I’m tired of being called lonely by those people who don’t realize that I’m more or less content with solitude.  I mean it got old really quick, and it has crossed over to something that really annoys me now to hear.  Just because I’m a naturally solitary individual doesn’t mean I’m lacking friends or something.  Just because I have a few close friends doesn’t mean I’m lonely.  I don’t know why people think this, I really want to know.

By Jory McDaniel

Everything Bites You On The Ass

Well I decided that I would move back onto WordPress, I know that I’m all over the place with this but I think it’s going to be WordPress = actual thoughts and Tumblr = pictures.  Seems like a better way to do things so that I don’t have to worry about family accidentally discovering my writings and then getting up my ass about what I’m writing there.  Doesn’t matter to be honest because I’ll end up just ignoring them on it like I always have and will.  I have never had much patience for anybody getting up in my ass  about things that’ll probably end up pissing them off anyway.  I mean it seems like everything I say comes back to some how bite me in the ass some how anyway.

tl;dr Everything will bite you in the ass.

By Jory McDaniel

Hardy Har Har

So I’m waiting for the moment that someone in #mnfh claims that I’m stepping on their toes for using the nickname “FR13DCH1CK3N”, considering that one person has already bitched that I was mocking them for using the word potatoe.  It’s not like they politely asked either, they used Crazy Tumblrite Terms (or I assume they did since I have this person on /ignore).  (Crazy Tumblrite Terms: something something OPPESSING THE ______ or OMG YER A SHITLORD FOR NOT CHECKING YOUR PRIVELGE (sic) or something of that nature).

By Jory McDaniel