Everything Bites You On The Ass

Well I decided that I would move back onto WordPress, I know that I’m all over the place with this but I think it’s going to be WordPress = actual thoughts and Tumblr = pictures.  Seems like a better way to do things so that I don’t have to worry about family accidentally discovering my writings and then getting up my ass about what I’m writing there.  Doesn’t matter to be honest because I’ll end up just ignoring them on it like I always have and will.  I have never had much patience for anybody getting up in my ass  about things that’ll probably end up pissing them off anyway.  I mean it seems like everything I say comes back to some how bite me in the ass some how anyway.

tl;dr Everything will bite you in the ass.

By Jory McDaniel

Hardy Har Har

So I’m waiting for the moment that someone in #mnfh claims that I’m stepping on their toes for using the nickname “FR13DCH1CK3N”, considering that one person has already bitched that I was mocking them for using the word potatoe.  It’s not like they politely asked either, they used Crazy Tumblrite Terms (or I assume they did since I have this person on /ignore).  (Crazy Tumblrite Terms: something something OPPESSING THE ______ or OMG YER A SHITLORD FOR NOT CHECKING YOUR PRIVELGE (sic) or something of that nature).

By Jory McDaniel