Four Year Absence

I’ve done some drugs, I’ve dabbled in the hood life, I’ve dabbled in various electronics and ultimately tried to become a better person than I was when I was younger.  I’ve partied, slept around, lived “celibate”, I’ve done a bit of everything since I finally got out on my own – even that entailed moving back in with family after it was all said and done.  The point is that things are coming along a lot BETTER than I originally thought.  I was such a pessimist in those days – probably more of a nihilist than anything, but I suppose I’m still just as nihilistic as I was in those days.

I started ECPI last year year – more correctly, about 15 months ago, and I’ve got about three months left in my first round with them – 90 days!  Can you believe it?  In 90 days, I’m going to have my Assoc Degree!  Something that I never thought was going to happen, is finally going to happen!  It’s going to be a short but intense road, and then it’s back for 2.5 more years for a Bachelor’s Degree – after that, it’s onward and upwards into the job field as a system admin – which is all I think I’ll be able to do with a network security degree.

EDIT: Removed outdated information.

By Jory McDaniel

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