Black Panther

I refuse to see Black Panther now out of spite for all the politicized nonsense surrounding it now.  Social media has effectively ruined this movie for me.  There is no reason for me to see Black Panther now, there is just too much outcry on social media about how “white people” are not allowed to see it.  I feel like Martin Luther King Jr. would be rolling over in his grave if he knew what was going on with black people these days.  I mean it is a good case of the vocal minority shouting something down, and calling for the segregation of the races.  Over a movie of all thingsnot that racial segregation is good.


Just in case, for whatever reason, you have images disabled:

Black Panther is:

  • Anti-immigration
  • Isolationist
  • Pro-Wall
  • Strict Trade Restrictions
  • Anti-Diversity
  • Ethno-Nationalist
  • Anti-Refugee
  • Anti-Democracy
  • Traditionalist

This wonderful article is what the image macro summarizes. #shook (sarcasm)

This article from The Root for instance:

Dear Chads and Beckys,

This first line is just a horrible way to open up a letter.

I admit that I have been reluctant to write this letter. It has nothing to do with my dislike for you or your people. In fact, some of my best friends are white. Well … one of my best friends is white. OK, I’ll be honest, all of my best friends are black, but one of them is kinda light-skinned, and when I was in the 11th grade, I went to a New Edition concert with three Caucasian classmates, so that should count for something.

So in the first paragraph, the author admits to being a racist.  This admission blows my mind, because he or she would also be the first to say that racism against white people does not exist.  The next sentences, the author goes on to pull “I’m not racist, because I have x amount of white friends.” as if that is some kind of an excuse.  Going to a concert does not excuse you from being a racist asshole.

But my hesitancy in penning this correspondence is based on another fact: I didn’t believe you were real. I didn’t discount your existence the way I don’t believe in unicorns, good cops or Rihanna. (Yeah, I said it. I believe Rih Rih is a highly advanced, computer-generated image based on our collective fantasies. You might think it’s crazy, but I stand by my research.)

The author goes on to saying that he or she did not believe white people are even real.  Then he or she goes on to saying that Rihanna does not exist, at least in the sense that she is human…  Is this author on drugs?

When people told me that there were actual individuals upset about the upcoming Marvel movie Black Panther, I thought they were exaggerating or overestimating the number. I suspect there are always a few fringe kooks who share an idiotic ideology.

There has not been anybody upset about it, just a bunch of vocal black people who say this movie is for blacks only – which goes back to the segregation point I brought up earlier.  Yeah, these “fringe kooks” are blacks who say this movie “belongs” to black people.  It is a movie, you hack, if anything it belongs to Marvel and was created by two white guys back in the 60’s.

Kyrie Irving and B.o.B think the Earth is flat. Some people believe that Donald Trump is both stable and a genius. And once, on the dance floor of a crowded nightclub, a woman told me I was handsome and cute. (At least that’s what I think she said, although she may have said, “You’re standing on my foot.” It was pretty crowded and I’d consumed a few beverages. But for the sake of this argument, let’s just say it was the cute thing.) My point here is, sometimes people have wildly diverging opinions.

Irving and B.o.B. thinking the Earth is flat is just flat-out idiocy.  People who think Trump is “stable” and a “genuis” are idiots too.  A woman telling you that you are “cute” and “handsome” are compliments completely unrelated to this whole “article”.  So at least you are able to acknowledge that people can have differing opinons on matters.  There migh tbe some hope for you yet…

Just as I was ready to dismiss the notion that there might be more than a handful of people who disliked the notion of a Black Panther movie before they even saw it, someone sent me a transcript of Rush Limbaugh ranting about liberals embracing Black Panther.

I have to read this transcript, he was probably on to something there.

I honestly get why Limbaugh was upset. If I were a half-deaf, impotent walrus who had to sit in front of a microphone yelling to white senior citizens who still listen to AM radio while popping Oxycontin like Tic Tacs during commercial breaks, I’d probably be a little jealous of T’Challa, too. Plus, Limbaugh is racist, and the film does have the words “Black” and “Panther” in it, so …. there’s that.

So calling somebody an impotent drug addicted walrus is a bit more acceptable than being a racist asshole for the first part of your “article”.  Plus, calling him a racist for talking about the vocal minority (outraged blacks calling for segregation), because the title of the movie has the words “Black” and “Panther” in it makes him a racist?

Alright, I read this “rant” he wrote.  It was not “racist” in any shape or form.  It was honest, he was right about everything.  Fuck, I guess that makes me a racist does it not?

But people kept sending me things. There was a story calling Black Panther “obviously racist,” a Breitbart article that called the comic book “Black Lives Matter-themed,” and that piece where Ben Shapiro crumpled into a rice-paper-thin ball of fuckboy fragility in a nonsensical monologue about how this is the fault of black people, leftists and, of course, Barack Obama.

Breitbart…  This will be interesting…  I have that same article opened up in another tab somewhere.  Don’t worry I’m going to get to that one in a bit.  As far as it being “Black Lives Matter-themed” it does have that vibe, because the idiots are claiming that it should only be for blacks.

The next part, where the author goes on to insult – yay more racism – a conservative Jew who did not anything too extreme to say about the movie.  Yeah, maybe his words can be a bit all over the place, but at least he can tie everything back together.

Still, that’s only three racists people.

So only the author is allowed to be racist.  Got it.

And then, like a fool, I ventured into the land of white nonsense where coffee machines and Bluetooth speakers somehow have all colluded to form a plot to eradicate the great arrhythmic race: Twitter.

Back to the racism.  It is not racist to want to close down Twitter.  They silence any dissenting (read as: conservative) users who disagree with Twitter’s politics – which are horribly Leftist I might add.

“But it’s Twitter,” I reasoned. White people on Twitter are like the Incredible Hulk when he’s off his meds: They’ll get mad at anything. Then I happened upon this well-reasoned discourse between writer Zack Linly and a random Facebooker:

“White people on Twitter are like the Incredible Hulk when he’s off his meds:  They’ll get mad at anything.”  ACTUALLY it is not “white people” it is SJWs, militant blacks, and racist blacks (but I guess those are the same as militant blacks in this context).

Note: There was a screencap here.  I’m not going to bother linking it – check the article.

I can understand why some white people are upset. After all, I distinctly recall how upset black people were about Harry Potter, The Lord of the Rings, When Harry Met Sally, Twilight, Terminator and The Passion of the Christ (yes, they literally made a movie about Jesus with no black people!).

Fuck.  Back to the racism we go.  The first part about being upset because of no representation in those movies:  Harry Potter had blacks in it you dingus.  Lord of The Rings was set in a fantasy land where the minority race was human.  When Harry Met Sally was just a romance movie about those two people.  Twilight?  Had black people in it, you twat.  Terminator?  Eh, there was a black guy in a pivotal role in 2 of the movies (Judgement Day and Salvation).  Passion of The Christ was about a Jew and his followers.  I forgot the adage “We wuz kangs and shieeeeeetttttt!” – fuck off.

To be fair, the above-mentioned movies were not comic book movies. Making a film about a superhero from an all-black place is an egregious offense. Especially since Marvel put so much detail into making sure its other superhero movies had diverse casts.

Damn right, they were not comic book movies.  It is not an egregious offense to make a black-centric comic book movie, especially coming from a company that has been pushing the diversity card so hard.  Idiot.

I recall how the white outrage forced Hollywood into casting a South American actress to play Wonder Woman, since she was from a fictional race of Amazonian warriors. (I didn’t Google it, but I’m pretty sure Gal Gadot is from Brazil or somewhere. If she were Israeli or something, it would mean white people didn’t care about the ethnicity of comic book characters until a black one came around and triggered their racist … you know what? I’m not even going there. She’s gotta be from Mexico or Australia, or wypipo would look very stupid right now.) We really thank you for making sure they include black actors every time they flash back to Superman’s home planet of Krypton.

A South American actress to play Wonder Woman?  Gal Gadot is ISRAELI, and served in the IDF.  There was no “outrage” over her playing Wonder Woman – there was outrage for it being an overhyped Feminist snooze-fest.  No, the rest of this paragraph is not even worth writing about, because if I do I’m going to throw my computer in the trash.

See? She is Israeli you fuck.

Plus, I’m probably making up the white outcry when someone floated the idea that Donald Glover might be the next Superman, or Idris Elba could play James Bond. I probably imagined that wypipo were upset about John Boyega playing a Stormtrooper, just like I dreamed about Rihanna or that woman who thought I was handsome. (I’m pretty sure she said “handsome and cute,” not “standing on my foot.” I mean … I was actually standing on her foot, but that’s neither here nor there.)

You ARE making up this outrage though, for clicks and readers.  Donald Glover as Superman?  I thought they had Henry Cavill playing him all the way through Justice League?  Idris Elba as 007 would make sense, because 007 is a code-name according to the lore/fan-theories out there.  White people upset about John Boyega playing a Stormtrooper?  Who was upset about this?  Back to the unrelated compliment and conspiracy theory about Rihanna.

Because white people have repeatedly stood up for inclusion and diversity in casting, we would like to admit that this is our fault. Forgive us for being excited that there is finally a movie that caters to our sensibilities without kowtowing to the notion of a white savior.

It is not white people who made the outrage over “inclusion”, it was militant blacks and other “groups” who feel like the are not being represented.  To be honest, that COULD include some white people, but damned sure not ALL white people.  This time around, at least with this movie, we are kowtowing to the notion of a black savior.  (Not that there is anything wrong with this, but manufacturing “White Outrage” and racism for the attention is utterly horrible.)

I tell you what we’ll do. To make this up to you, we promise that we will remain marginalized, mostly ancillary characters in most of the Hollywood blockbusters for the rest of the year. We also swear that we will allow you to win and be nominated for the bulk of Oscars, Golden Globes, Emmys, Tony Awards, Peabody Awards, Billboard Awards, MTV Awards, America’s Got Talent, spelling bees, luge races, school shootings, mass murders, police-shooting trials, Senate races and rose ceremonies on The Bachelor.

Now it would appear that author is feeling guilty for their racism.  This is not any kind of an excuse to be quite honest.  “Remaining as background characters”?  Are you fucking stupid?  The Oscars?  Who gives a shit about that anymore when everybody involved is either a rapist or Feminist?  (I’m not sure which of those is worse to be honest…)  MTV Awards are given to loads of black people?  I think, I can not be bothered to look into that, so for the sake of argument, I’m going to say they are.  (See how bullshit works you dingus?)

School shootings?  Really?  That’s low effort.  Police-shooting trials?  9/10 times the black perp WAS a criminal who got justifiably shot.  No, wait that breaks “MUH NARRATIVE THOUGH!”

I don’t want there to be any hard feelings. I know that white people have so little to celebrate in America that seeing black people smile, if only for one second, could just be the thing that breaks your brittle little racist hearts.

 Hey, at least I can keep a stable job and I know who my daddy is.  Fuck me!  Right?  (See racism is racism.)

Comparisons between Killmonger and #BLM:




Here we have some more “outrage” over this movie…

First off the headline is clickbait as fuck “Breitbart ‘Black Panther’ Review Sparks Outrage for Trump Comparison”.  As normal, my retorts to the article are going to be in bold while the article is going to be in italics.

One movie critic called the allegorical take — comparing the hero to Donald Trump and the villain to the Black Lives Matter movement — “truly staggering.”

Sometimes the truth can be staggering, Breitbart’s writer was spot-on in what he was talking about with that comparison.

Social media users are not taking kindly to Breitbart’s take on Black Panther, which argues that the film’s hero is a stand-in for President Donald Trump and that its “villain” is the Black Lives Matter social movement.

Conflating social media uses with the vocal minority (black militants and SJWs).  Good job, I hope you are not going to turn into a racist piece of shit like that above article.

On Friday screenshots of the headline of Breitbart’s Black Panther review — “‘Black Panther’ Review: The Movie’s Hero Is Trump, The Villain is Black Lives Matter” — began circulating on Twitter from incredulous users. “Breitbart one-upping Ben Shapiro at the 11th hour with the trolliest ‘Black Panther’ take,” Daily Beast senior entertainment editor Marlow Stern wrote

What they are not including (because clickbait-outrage) is that both Shapiro and this Breitbart reporter both had good things to say about the movie.  What the shit?

Another Twitter user suggested an alternate headline for the story: “‘Black Panther’ Review: We Know You, Breitbart Reader, Are Not Actually Gonna See It, so Here’s Some Bullshit You Can Use to Troll People Who Did.”

Heh.  Who takes that shit seriously though?  Twitter-SJWs think they are so witty, don’t they?

Indiewire film critic David Ehrlich critiqued the actual text of the review, screenshotting one portion, which reads, “Also like President Donald Trump, T’Challa’s beliefs are not based on race.” “My favorite line from Breitbart’s truly staggering review of BLACK PANTHER,” he wrote.

His beliefs are not though, they are based on ethno-nationalism – which I guess might be about the same.

The Ryan Coogler-directed film had made $25.2 million in Thursday previews and is projected to make a staggering $172 million-$198 million in its extended-weekend debut. The Marvel film has a 97 percent rating on Rotten Tomatoes, and the Breitbart review won’t be pulling down that score anytime soon: The author had a primarily positive take, noting that “Black Panther is filled smart politics [sic], imagination, and movie star charisma.”

“…  Smart politics …”  Except it is a movie that does not play or pander to identity politics – so it is automagically a conservative movie.  Your move dickbag.


UPDATE 16 March 2018


I went to see this movie while I was on vacation, and it wasn’t as bad as I thought it was going to be.  I agree very much with the ideas that I outlined above, it was a conservative movie or at least I could see why conservatives like the movie.  The wonky identity politics surrounding the movie come from militant blacks and liberals who think this is a revolutionary movie.  I mean, it follows the MCU movie formula, and had two token white people in it – wouldn’t expect anything less from a black-centric movie though.

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