Calling Out A Self-Loathing White Person

I traveled to Standing Rock in November of 2016 with my friend, hauling over 5000 dollars worth of winter tents, clothing, food, and gear. My full time job allowed me to stay barely a week, and my ego, mixed with a hefty dose of white savior mentality, convinced me that my training as an EMT, and my lifetime of experience with direct action and social justice, would make me useful. Fast forward 5 days, and I was crying in the driver’s seat of my car, while my amazing friend listened quietly as I grieved for something I didn’t know I had ever lost.

Since when has white guilt or a lifetime of experience with direction & social justice ever made anybody useful? Sorry snowflakes, protesting Trump because you don’t like him does not count as being useful.

White people do have culture. Our culture is that of colonization. Of genocide. Of taking. Of envy and of fear. The majority of white people can name no more than two generations back in their families. The majority of white people barely know where their grandparents were from, much less who their ancestors were.

Colonization, genocide, taking, envy and fear. I think he might mean the Colonists who came from England and founded our great nation with the first part of this. Where does he get envy and fear from though? Again, he’s generalizing white people as a whole, when in fact he should be saying “Americans”. As far barely knowing where grandparents are from, much less who their ancestors were… Well again, there are such things as geneology websites – which people can and should utilize.

The majority of white people have no traditions, and the ones we have, are rooted in consumption and the superficial application of organized religion, both of which are steeped in histories of violence.

I agree about religion and holidays being steeped in histories of violence, but again he is saying that this is a problem for the white race as a whole.y is

Christmas is about a severed tree dropping dead needles on heaps of plastic crap, grinding the gears of our capitalist economy, a formerly pagan ritual that has been bastardized and twisted into a stressful display of wealth and excess.

Christmas is about gathering to celebrate family, and the spirit of good naturedness – why does he think that it is this display of egregriousness and stress?

Easter is about disposable plastic balls full of processed sugar, many of which are left for years to mar the sterilized landscapes and rigidly decorated city parks and backyards.

I suppose he is right about this one, but come on – conflating white people for American is just terrible self-loathing and white guilt.

Valentine’s Day was created exclusively by the greeting card industry to make you spend money on disappointing gifts and unhealthy treats for your unsatisfied monogamous partner.

Again, I can agree with this point.

Disclaimer: There are points I do agree with, but largely I disagree with this dumpster fire.

Independence Day is a too long period of time where daily explosions and worshipping of war trigger people and animals with PTSD, and create an alarming amount of pollution, maimed limbs, and death.

This one… Oh man, I lost my shit when I first read this. Independence Day is about celebrating our seperation from oppresion and tyranny under British Rule – even if we split from them on 7/4/1776. It is not a holiday designed to “trigger” people and animals (really?) with PTSD. “an alarming amount of pollution, maimed limbs, and death” (sic) What the hell is he even talking about right now? Where are his statistics? Sounds like this guy might be related to the guy who fired an AR-15 once, and “got PTSD” from the experience...

Thanksgiving? Don’t even start.

I agree – Thanksgiving was kind of a dumpster fire historically – if I remember history class correctly. (If I do not, I apologize. It was 10 ought years ago for me.)

The closest thing white people have to culture is our disturbingly fanatical obsession with sports, which we use to justify things like property destruction, vitriolic hatred for people we don’t know, and even accidental deaths. These are the same things that we justify with our constant military assault on developing and impoverished communities, at home and abroad.

We “justify” our “fanatical obsession” to sports with warfare and violence especially in places where our military is actively deployed? What?

Which brings me to my main point: The culture of white people is the culture of death. It is a culture of endless war, desensitization to human suffering, and the upholding of a brutal individualism fueled by greed. It is a deep, dark hole of grief and of loss. We don’t even know what we lost. We don’t know our ancestors. We don’t have stories of creation and hope and family; only stories of destruction and genocide. Our coming of age ceremony is a school shooting. Our song is a ballad about rockets and explosions. Our elders die alone surrounded by their stories of family members who no longer visit them. Our cities were built by the blood of slaves, on top of the graves of native people.

He is trying to hit all of the SJW hot points regarding white people here. This guy is a self-loathing turd. “Our coming of age ceremony is a school shooting”… Is this because the worst one in history was Columbine? Or maybe Sandy Hook? Where does he point to exactly as “our coming of age”? Our national anthem is testament to our great nation remaining on it’s feet after the greatest war we ever fought – which was for our freedom from tyranny and oppresion. Sure explosions and war are alluded to in the anthem, but it’s not a glorification of the battle/violence. Sounds like this guy is one of those people who are offended by the national anthem.

Philosopher and professor John Kozy writes;

Violence pervades this culture. Americans not only engage in violence, they are entertained by it. Killing takes place in America more often than the Sun rises, currently at an average of 87 times each day. Going to war in Afghanistan is less dangerous than living in Chicago. The Romans went to the Coliseum to watch people being killed. In major cities, Americans just look out their windows. Baseball, once America’s national game, a benign, soporific sport, has been replaced by football which is so violent it destroys the brains of those who play it. Violent films, euphemized as action flicks, dominate our motion picture theatres and television sets. Our children play killing video games.

Violence and sex sell. What of it? The Romans… How are they even related to this? Oh right, they’re “ypipo” and according to the author (both this professor and the author that is), all “ypipo” are bad. Self-loathing racists are idiots. Football is a rough sport, I get it and it’s obvious. Violent media and sexual media sell, what’s your point?

We do not get to achieve enlightenment; we lost that privilege centuries ago. We buried it in graves on land upon which we were strangers. This loss is real, palpable, and painful. There is a profound level of fear inherent in white people and the way we desperately grasp that which is not ours. This hole cannot be filled by our self delusion, and it represents generations of isolation and grief. It is our own generational trauma that we carry with us and pass on to our children. It hurts, and we do not know how to assuage that pain.

I don’t feel any pain about being a white American. I don’t know anybody that does, and damned sure haven’t read anything about people (except the author) who feel pain about being white or American – or BOTH.

So we take. We take the traditions, costumes, dances, songs, and agency of marginalized groups after we have decimated their populations and destroyed their homes, and we polish these items so the suffering cannot be seen. We take their words out of context, and we use them to make money and to fake solidarity. We take their circles and stories and we wash them with our whiteness, and we struggle to fit them into our bloody box. We take their lands, their trails, their mountains, their rocks, and we climb and walk on them, snatching frenzied glimpses of what we want to call connection, enlightenment, transcendence, and wondering why they slip through our grasp. So instead, we get high on endorphins and call that “good enough.”

Cultural appropiation now? What the hell? Definitely a self-loathing racist here.

We want to learn something about ourselves that we lost, and so we keep taking the tokens and lives of other communities. But that one doesn’t fit, so, you know…on to the next.

What does the author think we lost though? I want to know, really I do. Please tell me.

The cycle needs to stop. It is the responsibility of white people to face our history and to fight the culture we have created. Stop hiding behind the stories and tokens of other people, and be accountable for the brutal ways we have consolidated our power and privilege. Stop pretending like you can hike or climb or meditate your way out of this power dynamic. You are not enlightened. Let’s stop with the excuses. You are powerful, and it is time to own that and to use it to fight back against the culture of death and violence that has left us spiritually and morally bankrupt. Call out the bullshit when you see it, in yourself and in others. Stop colonizing the lives and land and stories of others. Stop perpetuating the culture of death, and instead fight for the living.

I’m white, I’m powerful and I should participate in SJW “call out culture”. Nah, I’m good. I think I’m going to keep on calling out SJWs and “triggering” them when I see them or interact with them online. I’m going to colonize, perpuate the death culture, and fight for the living who aren’t SJWs or self-loathing soyboys.

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