You just can’t please feminists – first they say that we should have a female Doctor, and then when we get her – there are like 10,000 other “problems” to be addressed.  Here’s a sampling from “Feminist Frequency” – low hanging fruit I know.

Replies are going from top to bottom (and left to right in the middle).


  • This is sane enough to be honest, there’s nothing wrong with being excited over a new Doctor and new showrunner (although Steven Moffat was awesome, solid stories all around).
  • “Limits of victories like this” – there’s always a condition with feminists isn’t there?  Can’t be happy to have a female as the lead role in a show that’s been going on for 50+ years?
  • “Overwhelmingly white show” / “issues of representation” – Nevermind the interspecies lesbians? The white couple having a black daughter?  The black girl (who was independent & a nurse)?  The bumbling black guy who was in over his head for the first season?  What about the bi-sexual (?) swashbuckler (admittedly a white American)?  What about the black Space-Christian that The Doctor faces off against?
  • Fixing the woman problem?  The Doctor is a lady, and previous companions – with a few exceptions – have all been women.  Saying there’s a “trans/queer” and “race” problem?  Are you only looking at the Doctor him/herself here?
  • Aren’t these issues “race” “queer/trans” all separate issues to be addressed within your made up, psycho-fuck world?  I guess they’re all one major issue all together – that means if you want to beat this issue, you should write your own canon for DW huh?
  • I was right, you can’t please these trogolodykes – if it’s not one thing, it’s a completely different thing – and it’s a never ending chain of lunacy, all the way down the rabbit hole until you become The World’s Wokest Male Feminist – ugh.

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