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It’s not that I’m “Right” or “Left”, “Democrat” or “Republican”, it’s just that I play the winning side.  Nothing has been more apparent than the 2016 Election Cycle – I guess that’s what all of the political posts come back to these days.  For the first part of the cycle it was “Oh fuck that orange twat!” and now it’s “President Trump might actually be on to something here.”. So much so, that when I expressed this idea in an IRC channel I help moderate, I was told that I shouldn’t get “too deep” into the Kool-Aid.  The points I expressed which illicited this response: (These are the facts as I understand them.)

* Trump is good for mediating North Korea and South Korea ending the Korean War – a feat that’s been, what years in the making?

* Pulling out of the Iran Deal – we don’t fucking fund terrorists – it’s not the American thing to, Barry couldn’t understand that concept.

* Pushing for what he, and many people, think is right for immigration – tl;dr: “Do it the right way or gtfo.”

* Laughing at (rightfully so) the Cryptkeeper and her trainwreck of a life for the last 2 years.  (Seriously, she’s still #triggered and #shook that she lost.)

I mean, it’s “Drinking the Kool-Aid” to agree and disagree with the way the country I love and respect is being run.  In what parallel universe is it hard for people to understand that the President will (and has for that matter) said things I don’t agree with?  YET at the same time, there are things that I completely support…  Some how I’m drinking the Kool-Aid…  I mean, he was calling for Berkeley to be defunded for their atrocious behavior, didn’t blame him then and don’t blame him now.  


The only gripe I’ve had with him so far is not understanding the digital side of this country – cybersecurity, and all the related topics.


Some how the very idea that he said and done some things I agree with is enough to make me a “conservative” in the eyes of the vocal minority that you come to deal with on the internet – I mean traditionally “conservatives” are religious – I’m not very religious.  Not to mention all the Right-Wing talking heads that I follow, listen to or agree with…  If I agree with Laura Inghram that some basketball player needs to shut up and dribble, that’s not racist – it’s kind of a dick thing to say – but it’s not racist.  By the same token, as I mentioned in another post, if a musician (a black musician for that matter) wants to say he supports Trump – good on him, the other side will claim he’s a race-traitor. 

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